The “Now” generation

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While I haven’t gotten around to scanning my film photos, I am one step closer to getting them on the blog for you to see! I was able to get the first batch developed and I’ve begun my first album.




After firing off my first two rolls, I decided I’d like a camera with a sharper lens, and more advanced functions. Say hello to YODA! Small, but powerful (The right Olympus OM-1n)


So after getting used to this lifestyle I have been learning some very precious life lessons, and it seems like because of this simple art form, I’ve started to make application of these lessons in every aspect of life.

If you noticed, the title of this article is the “now” generation. That title refers to a generation where everything is available at the push of a button. And this includes satisfaction, and happiness (although really it’s more like false satisfaction and happiness). A few examples: Netflix, iTunes, microwaves, INSTAgram, and internet. All of these things are designed to satisfy the needs of users as fast as possible. And while these things have many benefits, they have trained us to want everything done for us, and in the quickest time frame possible. While that satisfaction may be there, as they say, you only get out what you put in. When everything is easy and fast the momentary sense of reward you have doesn’t last!

Enter Film photography. Being forced to slow down, and exercise patience makes the photos that much more rewarding and exciting! To add to that, there are always those frames that you forgot you shot. Like coming home and finding a neatly wrapped box sitting in your bed. Surprises are the best!

This idea of hard work, and patience could be discussed for hours on end, but essentially what my thoughts boil down to are this (relating to my last blog). While people these days live through others via YouTube or Instagram/social media, they forget to get out and actually do things! I have been trying to do things that have tangible results, things that you can feel proud of. Make breakfast, exercise, create a piece of art, play an instrument, go out and converse with a stranger, read and meditate on the Bible, reach a goal, take up a hobbie that pushes your creative ability. If you were to do any of these things you would no doubt get that real sense of accomplishment.

Anyways, there’s my ramble for the day. As I get closer to scanning in my photos and having two new rolls developed, here are some photos from our DSLR and iPhone’s on a shoot today. Here’s to getting out and spending time with great people doing something you love!










Tangible: Material or substantial; real or actual, rather than imaginary.

Recently I’ve come to realize that most of what we do and take part in these days is in fact very much opposite of tangible. Social media, and things similar, have allowed us to live life through other people. It allows us to be a part of interesting adventures while at the same time being in a room staring at our phones, or the computer.

Slowly our activities are becoming less and less about getting out and doing, and more about staying in and observing other peoples lives. Not only that, but as a result of this lifestyle we end up wishing we had more memories that are worth relating.

As a result I’ve taken an interest in film photography. I’m growing to love this hobbie because it forces you to be patient, and it forces you to think in a slower, more relaxed way. It also gives you a reason to get out and adventure.



Also, I’ve taken an interest in leather. There’s something about the smell, the look, and the idea of caring for this beautiful material, that seems old fashioned. Almost like a gateway to a simpler time. A time when people weren’t worried about losing a few minutes to shine their shoes, or maintain a quality bag.





Maybe it’s weird that I think these hobbies will make my life different, however it’s hobbies like this that have been helping me to make tangible memories. Mostly with this guy. Check out his blog for some interesting reading. You’ll find a few articles discussing photography, and one that might actually get you to make your bed! Here’s a cool pic from a recent airport adventure!


Some recent cool adventures have been day trips to LA adventuring along the subways to shoot film, and finding vintage shoe shining boxes belonging to Jonathan’s grandfather. Small as they are, these little memories feel tangible, and are really rewarding! I guess the advice I have for this blog post is to find some hobbies that allow you to make something, or to do something tangible. Go do an activity that takes time, that allows you to think, and use your brain in a fresh new way. That’s all. I think you’ll enjoy the change of pace.

Hopefully once I develop some of the film from this last shoot I can post them. I’m excited to see how they come out! Also an interest that is growing at the moment, is DIY furniture building. We’ll find out if that develops…. Anyways life has been busy, with little attention to the blog. So hopefully I’ll be a little more regular. Hope everyone is well, and has a great rest of the day! Get out and do something tangible today!

Dinner with Shane Hurlbut

Today was an interesting day. I feel I haven’t had much to blog about, and so I wanted to revive the blog with a good story. Tonight makes for a great story. For a while I have admired cinematographer Shane Hurlbut. A cinematographer is in charge of pretty much anything you see on screen for a film. He deals with lighting, the camera, the lenses, the color grade etc. He is pretty much in charge of connecting with an audience visually. Well Shane Hurlbut was the cinematographer for movies such as Drumline, We are Marshall, the new Need for Speed, and into the blue to name a few. Oh and I can’t forget my favorite, the greatest game ever played. Well turns our that while in Vegas for the consumer electronic show, Shane was giving a lecture at the canon booth. We thought that there was nothing to lose in asking him to dinner, so we did. Surprisingly he said ok! After a great meal of stories and laughter, about some of our favorite movies, actors, and film nonsense, he tossed in the icing on the cake. He asked if we would like to see some videos that he was working on, and some behind the scenes movies…. Sure enough an hour later we were huddled around a little mac in Shane Hurlbuts hotel room laughing and watching behind the scenes footage for some cool projects he’s working on. It was an overall interesting night!






Last night we had the pleasure to attend the launch party for an up and coming men’s accessory line. This line, Henry & 9th, was started by a good friend of mine, and when I heard that he was going to be starting this project back a few months ago, my brother and I knew that it was going to be a project worth being a part of. We began a series of photo and video shoots, that were full of laughter and fun, in fact I’m surprised we got any work done at all! Interestingly enough my first blog post ever was on one of the preliminary shoots for Henry & 9th. So seeing this project come full circle has been a truly enjoyable experience and learning process. In the world of fashion we have much to learn, but I read a quote yesterday that puts my exact feeling about fashion into perspective. The quote is “look good, feel good” and I think that’s what it’s all about. We shouldn’t be dressing for other people, rather we should be dressing to be able to face the world in a more confident state. Here are some photos from the night.



Life is an opportunity

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Warning: This post is long.

After returning from Northern California two weekends ago, my brothers and I ventured up north again this past weekend, but this time to the city of Fairfield. The only activity that we had planned was attending a graduation of the Bible school for Christian couples, from which a couple very close to us was attending. Although that was really the only thing on the agenda, our trip somehow became something so much more!

When we first arrived, we pulled up to the house of the couple we were going to be staying with. We had only spoken to them via texting, and when we pulled up to the house we had a feeling we were in the wrong place. First we knocked on the door…… No answer. Then we rang the door bell…….. No answer. So I call the husband, he picks up, I explain how I think we are outside his house, so he says that he will be right there. Next thing you know a younger woman opens the door and tells us to come in. I look at my brother sort of confused but say ok, and as soon as we enter the house we notice that all the furniture was covered in plastic, as if nobody lived there. This woman leads us through the house and into the back where some other people are talking. It sort of looked like they were just finishing up a real estate deal because everyone was shaking hands. Anyways we quickly meet everyone, and in the next thirty seconds somehow everyone had exited the room, the last guy is telling us that he would be back in about 15 minutes. And just like that, my brothers and I were left alone in the kitchen of this foreign house wondering what had just happened. Were we even in the right house? We start discussing the interesting situation we found ourselves in when thankfully this young woman came back into the house. We explained that we had no idea what was going on, everyone started laughing and she explained that they lived in the back house, and that no one lived in the front. Everything got straightened out. Little did we know that this was the first of many exciting adventures!

Later that night we cleaned up from the long drive and headed to the family night that was being held for all of the couples graduating from the school. We ended up seeing people we knew from all over California. We even saw some friends from our trip out to Utah a few months ago! After a great program a big group of us headed back to where we were staying to talk and catch up, which was great, and when everyone left we thought we would head to bed. We then found out however, that some other people were going to be stopping by the house in a few minutes. These three other guys were from Oregon, and were just stopping by for a few hours until they could catch there flight to Belize where they would be spending the next couple of weeks. They’ll be spending those three weeks in the ministry helping people learn about the Bible because there is a great need in that area. The interesting part is that one of them ate something a little funny, so his first impression involved seeing his earlier meal on the driveway after his introduction. Nonetheless we all headed in and spent another hour or so chatting, and yet again it turns out that we had friends in common! It was exciting to see everyone having a great time, even though we had never met. There’s just something about a lifestyle trained by Bible principles that always seems to be a uniting factor. We said our goodbyes to our new friends, hoping that we could continue our three hour long friendship with these three guys somewhere down the road. Finally we headed to bed after a lengthy unique day!

Funny enough, a year before this trip, we were in Davis California helping with a few different aspects of the ministry, and on that trip we had made some really close friendships with some people up there. During our drive up on the day before, we had made some calls to find out what our friends were up to, and were bummed to get only voicemails. Well it turns out that the second day, we received a call and our friends wanted to meet up! So we made the thirty minute drive up to Davis and re-walked the streets of downtown to meet up with our friends from last year. The coolest thing was that we just picked up conversation like we had never even left! It was really refreshing to kindle the old friendships and make a few new ones as well. So that night we returned to Fairfield to have dinner with the graduating couple, and some other friends, and then ended the night with some go-karting and ice cream. Day two was done.

Now there was one more family that we had met on the previous years trip to Davis that we didn’t get to see the day before so upon waking up we were excited to see that they wanted to meet up. So we made plans for the afternoon and headed off to the Graduation for our friends. After one of the most encouraging Bible based programs I’ve ever heard, we went out with the couple for some food and association. When thinking back on it, I am just sincerely happy. Happy that we met this couple, and that we have grown so close to them. Seeing them graduate and knowing that they are going to use the skills they were taught to their fullest potential is so encouraging. So after that we said our goodbyes and headed off to grab dinner with the couple we had met last year. We ended up meeting with a big group from Davis and having a great dinner, followed by some ice cream and jelly beans. We headed home and relaxed with the couple we were staying with before saying our goodbyes. This morning we left early, and it seems likes weeks have passed since we even left. It was just a beautifully well rounded trip.

I guess what I take away from this trip is that life is happening! Whether we are sitting in front of a computer, or watching TV, or kayaking into the most beautiful sunset through the misty fjords of Alaska, or even just traveling with friends, life is happening and there are opportunities all around us that we just need to reach out and take. These past few months I have dedicated to traveling and doing things away from home. There will always be responsibilities that take precedence over fun and games, but if you take care of those, than all that’s left is prioritizing. So if you are that person that complains about never having that chance to travel. Don’t complain, Just do it. Make it happen. If you have to struggle and grind to get there, then sometimes that’s just what you have to do, because life is an opportunity, roaring by as we speak.













Parmesan chicken tonight

So the second dinner is finished and a big thanks is necessary to Jonathan for being the “guest chef”, and “teacher”. Although I’m very happy with the second dish, it’s just that….a second dish. That said, there is definitely room for improvement, seeing as this dish came with its fair share of road bumps. First we had to make two runs to the grocery store to pick up ingredients that we had not quite prepared for. Second we forgot to preheat the oven, after we had already started cooking the noodles………so our noodles ended up a little bit overcooked, which was the big bummer. The chicken came out good. The bigger pieces were a tad dry, but remembering that it was my first time with this dish helps to ease my mind. Having tasted Jonathan’s food I know that had he not been interrupted by this newbie the food would have been stellar, but hey the dishes will only get better! Wubby has also migrated inside for the winter and she’s rocking the jacket!













Trout and Potatoes con Mamá

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So after an extremely beautiful, and relaxing day in the ministry (it rained today :D ) I came home and relaxed a little. Played some music, and enjoyed the rain. When my mom came home we worked on a trout dinner accompanied by potatoes that were supposed to be hash. We ran out of time for the hash part though. Either way, it came out really delicious! Another dish down, and another to come tomorrow. I wonder what it will be?! I actually already know, but I’ll let you wait and see. Here are some photos.