Dinner with Shane Hurlbut

Today was an interesting day. I feel I haven’t had much to blog about, and so I wanted to revive the blog with a good story. Tonight makes for a great story. For a while I have admired cinematographer Shane Hurlbut. A cinematographer is in charge of pretty much anything you see on screen for a film. He deals with lighting, the camera, the lenses, the color grade etc. He is pretty much in charge of connecting with an audience visually. Well Shane Hurlbut was the cinematographer for movies such as Drumline, We are Marshall, the new Need for Speed, and into the blue to name a few. Oh and I can’t forget my favorite, the greatest game ever played. Well turns our that while in Vegas for the consumer electronic show, Shane was giving a lecture at the canon booth. We thought that there was nothing to lose in asking him to dinner, so we did. Surprisingly he said ok! After a great meal of stories and laughter, about some of our favorite movies, actors, and film nonsense, he tossed in the icing on the cake. He asked if we would like to see some videos that he was working on, and some behind the scenes movies…. Sure enough an hour later we were huddled around a little mac in Shane Hurlbuts hotel room laughing and watching behind the scenes footage for some cool projects he’s working on. It was an overall interesting night!






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