Tangible: Material or substantial; real or actual, rather than imaginary.

Recently I’ve come to realize that most of what we do and take part in these days is in fact very much opposite of tangible. Social media, and things similar, have allowed us to live life through other people. It allows us to be a part of interesting adventures while at the same time being in a room staring at our phones, or the computer.

Slowly our activities are becoming less and less about getting out and doing, and more about staying in and observing other peoples lives. Not only that, but as a result of this lifestyle we end up wishing we had more memories that are worth relating.

As a result I’ve taken an interest in film photography. I’m growing to love this hobbie because it forces you to be patient, and it forces you to think in a slower, more relaxed way. It also gives you a reason to get out and adventure.



Maybe it’s weird that I think these hobbies will make my life different, however it’s hobbies like this that have been helping me to make tangible memories.¬†Hopefully once I develop some of the film from this last shoot I can post them. I’m excited to see how they come out! Also an interest that is growing at the moment, is DIY furniture building. We’ll find out if that develops…. Anyways life has been busy, with little attention to the blog. So hopefully I’ll be a little more regular. Hope everyone is well, and has a great rest of the day! Get out and do something tangible today!


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